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For nearly two decades, we have finessed the digital marketing strategies around search engine optimization. Our SEO experts know how to take a company website and promote it to higher search engine positions.

With our data-driven insights, we will help you track the progress of your search engine rankings. As your website rises through the ranks, our SEO team is here to guide you and ensure your business goals are met.

  • Want to increase your website traffic?
  • Looking to generate higher revenues?
  • Trying to improve conversion rates?

All these benchmarks are achievable with our Vancouver SEO services. Plus, we will help you discover new digital opportunities, expanding your reach to a bigger online audience.

The bottom line? We understand SEO. In fact, we are excellent at search engine optimization. Best of all, we know how to use our knowledge and deliver amazing results for your website!

Why You Need SEO

We use search engines every day. Millions of searches are being conducted on Google, hour by hour. Imagine if your business can connect with a portion of this audience based on their search queries. This is doable with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a style of web design. SEO uses strategies to rank your website on search engines like Google. The higher your search engine rankings, the easier it is for users to find you


SEO encompasses many different strategies that affect search engine algorithms. These algorithms decide where your website ranks for a given search term. The stronger your SEO optimization, the better placement your website receives.


SEO delivers organic traffic. This equates to free advertising from millions who use search engines every day. Without an SEO strategy for your website, you could be missing out on opportunities to make more money online.


An experienced SEO company can help with the complex process of search optimization, which involves many changing algorithms. When you hire us, we bring years of experience & expertise to help you maximize your ROI.

SEO Services with Results

A SEO campaign strategy is diverse, supported by many online marketing tactics. Multiple digital marketing programs work in tandem to achieve the designated business goals. Services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local SEOKeyword ResearchOn-Page OptimizationContent Writing, and Conversion Optimization all play key roles in your online success.



SEO is integral to any website's long-term success. When you get your website to the top of Google, you increase visibility, which creates higher web traffic, leading to more conversions. Bringing your website on top of Google search results is a journey. We start by re-engineering your website and target your brand visibility across high-priority keywords. This is followed up by a series of the most effective SEO tactics, which will boost your search engine position rankings. With our 360-degree search engine optimization strategy, you'll experience content enhancements, speed testing, mobile audits & more. After your SEO campaign has launched, you'll see significant results in how customers connect with your website online!


Local SEO is a crucial search marketing strategy for location-based businesses. Your company will benefit from appearing in the Google Local Pack, an exclusive section that shows up on the first page of search results. Many services operate within a given local region, whether it be a city, region, or province. Local SEO is a hyper-targeted approach to these localities, using geographic-based keywords to target customers in these areas. You can build credibility, gain visibility & acquire customers in these local communities. We are confident about managing your local SEO campaign. Our successful experience in managing thousands of business locations around the world make us the trusted expert in Local SEO.



Keyword Research is your game plan to a successful SEO strategy. You identify the high-volume search terms that connect your website with relevant users. You also look for keywords with low competition, exploring new untapped markets that resonate with your business. These keywords help you to structure the design and produce high-impact content on your website. Using the best keywords will pull in traffic from qualified leads across search engines and all types of digital platforms. We are well-versed in using intelligent language to maximize your search engine potential. Our keyword research is insightful and will set a great foundation for SEO optimization.


On-Page Optimization is the process of polishing your website to adhere to organic search best practices. This involves verifying website titles, enhancing page content, fixing product descriptions, and everything in between. Every design element in your website can be an opportunity for on-page optimization. By putting together a thoughtful visual arrangement of web components, your website will score highly in search engine algorithms. Our team can offer expert recommendations on how to improve your website according the latest SEO trends. We will fully optimize your website, ensuring every page works towards maximum usability & conversions.



Content Writing is key to maximizing search engine rankings. High-quality content production is your ultimate selling tool, attracting prospective buyers with powerful language that speaks to their interests. Search engines prioritize websites with visually interesting content that can attract the reader's attention. The writing must have substance with exciting and relevant information for the user. Both quality and quantity are important in every piece of web content you produce. Our writing team knows how to write content that converts for mass markets or niche audiences. From landing pages to blog posts, we are skilled writers & content creators passionate about communicating your business to the world.


Conversion Optimization is a study of your website's performance in the context of meeting business goals. You can gather valuable feedback about user behaviours and preferences in this detailed website report. Using the advanced suite of website analytics tools, you'll monitor precisely how users are interacting with your online content. You can analyze the lead generation data, optimize the conversion process, and enhance the customer's online journey. We are data-driven SEO experts committed to improving the conversion rates for your website. The momentum in our digital marketing efforts will be reflected by your company's excellent conversion numbers.

Experienced SEO Agency

We are a Vancouver SEO agency with years of industry experience. Our successful digital marketing campaigns give us the expertise, knowledge & confidence to do SEO work for many companies. We serve small and midsize businesses (SMBS), as well as large corporations, across Canada, the United States, and all around the world.

Want to increase your website ranking and online traffic? We help companies with their search engine position rankings. Use our digital marketing services to connect with the best customers and quality leads. We want to help you succeed with SEO. Now, let’s work on your search & website optimization right away!


You're hiring us for our SEO knowledge and expertise. Our team of digital marketing professionals can produce results for your website. We mix short-term and long-term strategies to generate the best results for your SEO campaign. Bottom line results matter. Numbers count. We make it a standard to exceed your expectations, and strive to perform even better. Our marketing agency has the knowledge, resources, and commitment to make your desired SEO results a reality.


A successful SEO campaign requires technical proficiency, and our web-savvy team is equipped for the task. We can help you minimize performance issues, optimize web components, and troubleshoot complex technical inquiries. With our regular website health checkups, we can ensure that your SEO campaign never loses momentum due to a technical issue. When you sign up with us, you have a skilled partner with analytical expertise and great problem solving skills.


The world of SEO is constantly changing. As an adaptable and forward-thinking digital marketing agency, we don't fear technological changes – we embrace them. We are always updating our approach according to new opportunities, strategies, and developments. Our expert SEO team is supported by some of the most knowledgeable veterans in the industry. We use advanced SEO technology to stay ahead of the curve, predicting future trends and capitalizing on new digital opportunities.

SEO Success Stories

Over the years, we have heard many success stories from clients who were thrilled with our SEO results. It’s a pleasure working with each client, and their business success is our motivation to keep excelling in the industry.

Strong SEO Growth

Before I worked with Search Engine People, my website was doing ok. Revenues were steady, but I knew the SEO could be better. After hiring Search Engine People, they went straight to work with the SEO. I thought we had topped out our sales but in weeks, they increased everything – sales, leads, website traffic, etc. You reinvigorated my passion for my website and I am excited to get back to work.
– Katie P. from Vancouver, BC

New Website Success

This is my first website and my first business. I thought I knew what I was doing already, but Search Engine People showed me so much more. They helped me with questions and found new opportunities to get more customers. We're off to a great start. All the SEO credit goes to you!
– James from Coquitlam, BC

Increased Revenues

Wow! I was shocked to see the difference after working with Search Engine People for only a year. My website traffic was way, way up. Tripled my revenues in the past quarter… I was really apprehensive about spending money on an SEO service. I haven’t done it before. Always did it myself. I am so glad I used these guys... It was well worth it.
– Kyle from Vancouver, BC

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